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Healys Winery

Welcome to Healy's Craft Winery

Welcome to Healy's Craft Winery

Welcome to Healy's Craft WineryWelcome to Healy's Craft WineryWelcome to Healy's Craft Winery

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Novel and Unique Wines



Healy’s Winery was founded in 2008 as a licensed and bonded winery. We handcraft novel and unique wines. We offer interesting and innovative products to the United States wine market using exotic ingredients like mangoes and ginger besides grapes.  We at Healy’s believe that nature is the ultimate answer to winemaking: Mother Nature decides the qualities of our wines. We use nothing but natural ingredients and avoid artificial flavoring or refining. Uniqueness is absolutely essential and we encourage people to allow themselves the opportunity to experience different varieties of wine. We present a novel, delightfully different and unparalleled selection of wines for our discerning consumers  Currently we have crafted six products as follows in our wine portfolio with a few new flavors on the horizon:    גם זה יעבור  translated as  gam zeh yaavor: Red Wine  Mango Melody , Mango Harmony  &  More! Mango: Mango Wine   Gingerine & Gingerly: Ginger Wine   

Our Exotic, Ecelectic Wines

Try Locally made wines with an Global appeal


Enjoy the exotic flair of the tropics in these unique and Novel Wines.  For our Mango Wines we actually get Kesar Mangoes delivered from the fruitful groves of Junagadh, Gujarat via the Chicagoland area. Our Mango Wines viz: Mango Melody, Mango Harmony & More! Mango deliver a unique and unparalleled flavor that combines the unique aroma of Asian mangoes with the smooth, long-finish of a white wine.   For our Ginger wines viz: Gingerine and Gingerly, we use all natural Ginger along with raisins, citrus as well as chilies to bestow a spicy zing to the bold white wine that can open up your palate for that special Sushi or Thai or other South Asian cuisine. For our   גם זה יעבור translated as gam zeh yaavor premium red wine we use 100% American Concord grapes for this storied wine.   From grapes that are collected at its peak comes this mature but expressive wine, full with body and flavor.   


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