Mango Wines

Mango Melody

Mango Wine: Mango Melody


Mango Melody is a luscious, gutsy wine unlike other fortified fruit wines. The sassy bouquet signifies its finesse. The sweet taste and the aroma come from the fruit along with its abundant supply of antioxidants and also gives the wine its long finish. With the unique aroma of Asian mangos and the flair of the tropics, it is a true Melody.   This unique wine received a bronze medal from the Grape Growers Association’s Annual Assessment at the Florida State Fair International Competition in February of 2013. And was also featured in November 2013 issue of Midwest Wine Press. 

More! Mango

More! Mango: Mango wine


Enjoy the real taste of Mango in this wine. The sweet bouquet of the fruit will inspire your palate to try the spicy Asian dishes. This wine has a sweet taste with a clean finish and no aftertaste. With the unique aroma of Kesar mangos, it is definitely More! of Mango delivered in each sip of this unique wine.  

Mango Harmony

Mango Harmony: Mango Wine


Mangos are best know for their sweet taste, reminiscent of the exotic flavors of the tropics. We’ve aimed to capture the unique, un-paralleled essence of  mangos from the fertile and tropical lands of western India through the aroma as well its long, smooth finish.  This wine is great as an aperitif or it can be paired with South Asian cuisine.  

This rare find, is definitely a true harmony with nature delivered in each sip of this unique wine  Savor the fruity essence of the Indian tropics in every glass.