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Welcome to Healy's Craft Winery

Welcome to Healy's Craft Winery

Welcome to Healy's Craft WineryWelcome to Healy's Craft WineryWelcome to Healy's Craft Winery

Ginger Wines


Gingerine: Ginger Wine


A spicy and bold wine where you can experience some heat while getting the aroma of ginger. All natural expressive wine full with body and flavor that can linger long after the initial sip. Enjoy the zing that you get with this wine along with the rhizome’s medicinal benefits.  This unique wine, crafted from Ginger, Citrus, Raisins as well as Chili Peppers  was selected to receive a Silver Medal at the 2015 International Craft Competition held in April in LA, CA 


Gingerly: Ginger Wine


A strong yet elegant balance of spice and aroma is the signature of this wine. The taste of fiery ginger in this full bodied wine has a crisp liveliness with a clean finish and no aftertaste. So enjoy the wine as an aperitif or as a perfect complement to your meal for that special occasion.  Ginger, an herb, a native of Asia has many therapeutic benefits. We have used this natural rhizome to make wine. Its strong taste is mellowed by raisins and its flavor balanced with lemon and oranges.   This wine is gingerly waiting to be discovered and then revered because it delivers its unique essence from ginger with hints of citrus. Its aroma of ginger is one of a kind which makes it a rare find. Try this wine to incite your delectation and be rewarded with instant gratification. Please insist upon pairing this wine to your favorite feast.